Learn the Proven, Systematized Method of Making a Success of Your Real Estate Career


Start creating a business plan that outlines your goals and strategies for achieving success in real estate. 








This is Your Step-By-Step Plan to
Gain Confidence
and Find Success
as a Real Estate Agent

Whether you're new to Real Estate or looking to advance your skills,
get to the next level with our PROVEN Agent Game Plan.


Launch Your
Real Estate Career

Now that you have learned the rules, guidelines and basic laws of real estate, do you have a plan to grow a large customer base?

Understanding the basic process of real estate will grow your confidence and put you on a path toward a very rewarding, life changing career! 

Learn Effective Communication

Not satisfied with your ability to have a productive, comfortable conversation with a new potential client?

Study our different strategies to have great conversations and secure a client faster than most.

Resource Library

Are you continuously searching online for information to help you through your journey? I did THE SAME THING!

Our course is PACKED with resources to guide you toward making that next sale.

Tracking Goals will allow you to see business growth in real time.

This fast-paced and easy to follow course will give you a concrete understanding of

  • How to set goals
  • Achieving results
  • Build your pipeline
  • And most importantly...create consistent closings
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This is a Group Accountability and Coaching Program with 6 Months of Step by Step guidance. Learn the ins and outs of growing your Real Estate business.


Here are just a few agents finding results with Agent Game Plan...


2023 Already Closed Two Transactions 

$584,900 In Sales


David F.

"I never realized there we so many moving parts in real estate! Knowing the basics is just the first step. Looking forward to more closings this year!"

2020-2022 28 Transactions $9,897,990 In Sales

Has A $1,500,000 Transaction In His Pipeline For 2023

Josh B.

"Follow up, follow up, follow up! Having the right tools to communicate with leads is CRUCIAL to building a strong pipeline!"

2020-2022 18 Transactions $7,125,500 In Sales

2nd Out of Over 800 Agents With $1,335,000 in January of 2023


Lora P.

"I followed Charlie's methods and it has transformed my career into something I never imagined!"

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